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Parking and other things #Sunday ramble

This is my first Sunday ramble on a Zillion Ideas, I usually post them on my WordPress blog. On a Sunday morning, I just ramble on about whatever is on my mind. Today it’s summer carnivals because the sun’s shining and it’s Tipton Carnival today.


The problem is I want to go and photograph the carnival, but where do I park? The carnival is on all weekend, which is a great idea, because  it spreads the people out a bit, few people will be there all weekend. I’ll try to park around the back of the park today and that might work. Parking is always a problem these days.

I live close to Junction 9 of the M6 motorway, on this side is the Gallagher retail which includes Ikea, B&Q, Curry’s and many more and on the other side is another retail park, Walsall Football club, Morrison’s and Bescot Sunday market. If Ikea has a sale, it’s traffic chaos. Next weekend Elton John is playing Bescot stadium. They have sold 14,000 tickets, but only have about 850 parking spaces which includes the railway station car park and a local school. To make things worse one slip road of junction 9 south bound is closed for repairs, that has gone on for months. They have a scheme for using the hard shoulder at peak times too and that hasn’t been working. I think I’ll avoid junction 9 next weekend, it will be traffic and parking chaos.

The local Conservatives in their wisdom keep campaigning for free parking in towns. What we need is more parking spaces and we need them better organised. We need parking at parks, football matches and shopping centres. People are parking on footpaths everywhere, because the council in an effort to slow down traffic extend the footpaths out into the road. Why not just make a couple of parking spaces there?

I also think the government should ban one day Bank Holiday sales. Ikea has a huge car park, but they create traffic chaos when the stupid people all descend on Ikea at the same time.


I’m still running the local history group. I have found lots of evidence that Princess Aethelflaed did build a castle on the hill in Wednesbury. The only people who seem to doubt that are historians from outside the area. A well up on the hill in Victorian times was even called the ‘castle well’. I have looked at all the invaders that have come to Britain and in medieval times and  travel was quite difficult in England over little tracks and primitive roads. The Black Country was quite inaccessible and so we kept more of our native  way of speaking and aboriginal culture. We are the true English who are less inbred than those down south. Personally I think inbreeding produces psychopaths and sociopaths, you only have to look at the royal family and the present government.


How to be Bohemian is on BBC 4 at 9pm tomorrow. I think I’ll watch that. I’ve always been different and a bit of a writer, photographer and artist. I do defy convention, at least Black Country convention. I’m not exactly a sandal wearing vegetarian, I like my chicken drumsticks too much for that. I shall don my fake linen hat today and wander around a carnival today taking photos. I was asked to go to the Appleby Horse Fair this weekend to photograph the horses and gypsy caravans. It would be good photography, but I had the carnival to do and I haven’t been well. I don’t travel well, when I’m not well. Gypsies are very Bohemian, but no one calls them that. If you’re weird and upper class, you’re Bohemian; otherwise you’re just weird or a blight on humanity. I don’t think people who are Bohemian are allowed to claim benefits either…


I was trying to think what the politically correct term for interacting with the public is yesterday. I remembered, it is of course engaging with people. I’ve been doing a bit of that with my photography. I actually talk to people a bit now. I’m naturally introverted, so don’t find it easy. I’m not particularly shy, I just like to do things like writing without interruptions. Photography is often a lonely pursuit too, other people can make it difficult. I do like photographing people now though or at least having the odd body in my shot. I like candid shots of people, rather than people posing. I’ll let them pose today and do the candid shots too.


There is a conflict inside all of us, between the sophisticated and the primitive. We all think we might be happier living a simple life growing our own vegetables and enjoying the beauty of nature. However, we are explorers that need constant stimulation. We need our televisions, computers, phones and cars. We tend to look down on the sandal wearing veggie eaters, the people who prefer horses to cars and the simple people who tell us that free range eggs are better.  I suppose we can accommodate a few primitive urges and keep our sophisticated needs satisfied at the same time. I’m told some people dig the vegetable patch and check in on Facebook at the same time…

That’s it for this week, I have to decide what to have for lunch now. Remember that you can subscribe to this blog using the widget in the sidebar, you can also follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also share your thoughts in the comments box or even have a go at writing and send me a blog post (to the email address in the sidebar).

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