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Community photography

Parking charges at Sandwell Valley #Wednesbury

Sandwell Valley

Sandwell Valley Country Park is the nearest bit of countryside to Wednesbury and a popular place for a day out. I often go there to take photographs. Parking charges will be introduced at my favourite beauty spots starting on the 1st of November. They work out to around 40p an hour because the council are short of money. I doubt if it will raise much money after they have paid for the meters and the wardens. There could have been better ways of making money from the park. Forge Mill has a lot of potential.

near Wednesbury


Wednesbury people are proud of their history and heritage and this week Wednesbury is featured in the Black Country Bugle, thanks to Black Country historian Ian Bott.

Wednesbury market place

I’ve got a few old pictures of Wednesbury, but then, I am admin of the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook!

Sam’s Dream


Wednesbury People

Wednesbury people have good hearts and this week many gave money to help a little girl named Scarlett who is in Birmingham Children’s hospital. Funds are being raised to give her a new bedroom to come home to on Go fund me. Donate if you can, not much more is needed.

Sam’s Dream is also on Go Fund Me so please check that out. You can also check out the Sam’s Dream Facebook page and look for fundraising events near you. There is a 5-side football event at The Way in Wolverhampton on Saturday. I doubt if I can make that one, but I’ll try to be at Tesco’s Willenhall for the bucket shake on Saturday the 22nd of October. If you see me, say hello and have your photo taken! There will also be a Halloween fundraiser at Gribble’s Grub in Park Lane on Saturday the 29th of October. That’s just down the road from me so I’ll try to make that one too. I might get a cup of tay there!

Brunswick Park

I’m also one of the admins of the Facebook page for the Friends of Brunswick Park. I haven’t had much to put on there for a while. We are hoping to organise a Christmas event with lights and maybe Father Christmas will come at the beginning of December. I’ll update you on that when we start the publicity. I want to be there to take photos, but I expect the weather will be a lot colder by then. One newspaper said it might snow! That would be cool…

That’s it for this Wednesday. I’ll be back next Wednesday with more about Wednesbury. I also have some gardening posts coming soon, probably on Saturdays.

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