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It only takes one kid to pee in the pool

It’s Sunday morning and so, as usual, I grant you an exclusive ticket to take a peek into the inner workings of my mind. What’s on my mind this week? Spoilers! When I was a kid there was always that one kid in the park that took great pleasure in openly peeing in the paddling pool. The other kids would run in disgust back to their mommies. It only takes one doesn’t it? That’s life, there is always a spoiler, a shit stirrer, a moron who thinks it’s clever to piss-off everyone else. There is always one kid who will pee in the pool.

pee in the pool

Pee in the pool

Yes, once there is pee in the pool that’s it isn’t it? It’s contaminated and everyone wants out. I see contamination everywhere. The fly tippers contaminate, the litter louts contaminate and the graffiti louts contaminate. They pee in the pool and spoil it for everyone else.


The trolls that put crap on my Facebook pages are the same and despite trying to be tolerant my patience ran out and I have said enough is enough. Eventually they have to be banned from the pool don’t they? There is only so much we can tolerate. These trolls even set up a parody to the Zillion Ideas Facebook page. That was a deliberate and malicious act and they were shameless about it. That is like exposing yourself at the same time as peeing in the pool. Just like that kid in the park if I remember right.


Yes, I have even had trouble with hackers, they too are spoilers. They are failures in life and so want to pee in someone else’s pool and spoil things for them. What motivates them? I suppose it is envy. Sometimes, I suppose, it must be greed.

The need to attract attention

Maybe these spoilers just need to attract attention because they feel unloved? Does pulling their shorts down, peeing in the pool and shouting look at my willy make them any more loved? They don’t always attract attention with their behaviour of course, sometimes it is more deviant. We don’t know what they have done until we see the ‘floater’. By that time they are long gone and it is too late to run from the pool, everyone is contaminated with their filth.

The pee in the pool of life

There are those that just stay in the pool and join in with the spoilers. They become the centre of attention and have their fans who jeer, the jeering is mistaken for cheering them on. They continue to spoil things for others in the mistaken belief they are popular with like-minded spoilers. The truth is spoilers can’t stand each other, no one likes them; they are just the pee in the pool of life.

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