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People and places #ramble

It is Sunday morning once again and so, as usual, I’ll share my thoughts with you. People are curious, that is why mankind has been so successful compared to the other animals. We roll a rock down a hill and we think about it. That simple observation led to the wheel. I take photos of people and places. People like my photos because they are curious.

people and places

The art of photography

The art of photography is being able to control the camera and have enough of a passion for creating images that you will capture your image at just the right time. Of course, not every image is a masterpiece, most aren’t that good because the light isn’t ideal. I like to spend a day capturing images but for a particular image, I will wait until the light is just right to create something a little more special. Images that people can enjoy and interact with are a form of art. There is a trend now to move away from visual images and art events tend to be noisier. The art events of the past have been quiet affairs that encouraged people to have a conversation about the images on display. I think that is a better way to present art. The preview event is also a good idea and not at all outmoded. It can bring people with common interests together and create an ambience that encourages a conversation.

People and places

I want to create more images of people and places. I need that wonderful season of spring to arrive with its long days and warm sunlight. I’m trying to prepare and think where can I find lots of people. I also need to find interesting places. I don’t want picture postcard villages. I want the unusual. I saw a spiral staircase winding around a tower. I might go and find that and take a photograph this afternoon. It is not an ideal time but I can create an image and when spring comes, use that experience to go back and create a better image. I want to photograph people enjoying their leisure and even shopping and so leisure places and markets will be places to visit when the weather improves. I need to find my people and places by being curious and exploring.


I have a few ideas and so I have a beginning. That is all we need, a beginning, the first step on a journey and some idea of which way to proceed. It will be an artistic journey building on an existing culture based on the curiosity of mankind.

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