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People on Sunday #ramble

People at the mayor's big night

Yes, people, it’s Sunday morning again and I share the contents of the innermost chambers of my mind with you once again. What’s on my mind this morning? I had an exciting week taking photos at the mayor’s big night.

I shall probably be out this afternoon taking photographs too. The weather isn’t too bad and we are promised a bit of sunshine later. I’ve been running my Facebook pages this week which can be amusing. I don’t expect correct grammar when it comes to the comments I get but they could, at least, make an effort at the spelling. I get comments on the History of Wednesbury page about being ‘born and bread’ in Wednesbury. I’ve seen tenant misspelled a lot just lately too. People also confuse words such as lose and loose and a local pub is called the Bellwether and is owned by Wetherspoons chain of pubs. This is often misspelled Weatherspoons. Whether and weather get mixed up a lot too.


We live in a democracy and all these people claim to be experts on everything from economics to the nuclear deterrent. There are people who claim that a meritocracy would be better. For example, the health minister should be a doctor and the chancellor of the exchequer should have an economics degree. I understand the present chancellor failed his maths GCSE. I’m not really surprised. He should have paid the guy who took it for him a living wage…

I suppose if we fully embraced a meritocracy you would have to prove that you have a suitable qualification before you were allowed to even vote. They could use those little maths puzzles that you see on Facebook that claim you’re a genius if you can solve them. All you would have to remember would be to multiply and divide before adding and subtracting and you would get the vote. It would be better, all the UKIP voters would be occupied for the next 50 years trying to work it  all out…

Small world

Our world now is bound up in technology. I spend most of my time staring at a computer screen and technology has made the world smaller. It also introduced us to multi-tasking. I often have several windows open on my computer at the same time. I’ve just had an email telling me the Easter eggs are 2 for a pound at Poundland. I also get notifications from Microsoft, most of which I don’t understand and frequent notifications from Facebook.  I can also take Skype calls from friends around the world. Is life easier or more complicated? I think we have a choice. I met someone the other night who  left behind computers when he retired and doesn’t even have a cell phone. I chose complicated and use both…

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