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People, places and things #ramble #art

Why do I like this photo? I keep looking at photos that I’ve taken and asking, why? Why is this a good shot and that one isn’t? Why do I like this shot and not that shot? Sometimes the photos can be almost identical but I favour one over the other. Often I see a shot and know it will be a good one but most of the time I’m just taking photos.



Some photos are technically good shots but what I’m looking for is photos that are artistic and then there are many things to consider. Does the picture inspire me, bring back memories or appeal in some other way? Is it just a snap or can this shot be considered art? Will it produce an emotional response? Yes, I think art has to speak to the viewer and produce a response.

People, places and things?

Yes, I’m thinking about an art project. The provisional name for it is people, places and things. That is what I want to photograph. People tend to be aware of the camera and that makes them uncomfortable. I have done some photography on the street when people have been unaware of the camera and then I get a much more relaxed shot. I am thinking of people, who the viewers of my artwork, might recognise.


Places that people might recognise would be good too but perhaps an image that they might not recognise without thinking about it? Often people look but don’t really see. There are some places they are aware of but never stop to view. They will cross a canal bridge on the way to somewhere but never stop to admire the view.


Can I do artistic images of things? With a long lens, I might be able to show things in a different light. What does the pickup on a guitar look like close up? What does the alloy wheel of a car look like close up? I could zoom in with a 300mm lens and find out.

Art for art’s sake

No, I want to produce art that people will like and stop to look at. I want them to talk about it. I want it online and in the market where they shop. There will be problems with displaying images and I would need help but there is a commission I could apply for. I post pictures online all the time and I already have two images exhibited. I can think of lots of reasons why this is a bad idea. My age is a bit against me! I can think of a few reasons why it’s a good idea, as well.

Guess what’s on my mind this week? Yes, I have art on my mind. I also have the practical things of life lurking in the back of my mind somewhere too. I am getting my car washed today and it will be serviced and go for a MOT tomorrow. Those mundane things I’ve done before but thinking about an art project is totally new so it has to just ferment in my mind and I hope when I am ready I can describe it in words and get the help I need to actually make it happen. To do anything worthwhile we have to be brave and tell ourselves that we can make a commitment; that we can do it.

So those are my thoughts on this sunny Sunday morning. I have awards for writing and photography but can I make it as an artist? I do have a picture in the art gallery now so it is worth giving it a go!

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People, places and things – is that a good title?

I need some pictures…

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