Peppa Pig Prime Minister #financefriday

In a week when we have had our Peppa Pig Prime Minister on the ropes groveling to parliament because he has been caught out yet again. MI5 had to come up with a story to deflect attention away from him and a relative had to catch covid so he can isolate away from the glare of public scrutiny. I found the spy story particularly difficult to accept and later in the day an MP told us they knew about her three years ago.

UK money

Red under the bed.

I think we should be more worried about those Q-anon yanks funding Tommy Robinson and trying to ferment insurrection than one communist solicitor funding a Labour MP. This red under the bed story is quite pathetic. We all knew how far left the Labour Party went under Corbyn and no one would be surprised at funding from either the Russians or the Chinese. We know the Tories are funded from the Cayman Islands, the US and every tax haven the world over.


Omicron continues to spread with very few restriction to stop it. Intensive care units in hospitals are overflowing and have no room for serious accident victims, etc. People are behaving as if everything is normal. One of my friends caught covid this week and gave it to her young son and her nan. Hopefully, they will all recover and her nan has had three shots of vaccine.  Meanwhile, the stock market has been in a positive mood.


People are returning to the pubs and so my recent purchase of a few shares in Marstons appears to have been a wise move. Oil has hit $82.00 this morning so my shares in BP and Shell are going north. With gas and electricity prices soaring I might need some cash in the bank when my energy costs go up in April. Will people be flying off on their holidays this year? That would be good for Rolls Royce and so too is the energy crisis as they get into making modular nuclear power stations.


On eToro, I’m doing better and my return is now up to  15%. The increase in the GBP versus the USD cut that return a little. I now own 48 CFDs so a nice diversified portfolio. I have $10 invested in 19 companies and the rest are $50 each. The latest is the Royal Bank of Canada. I’m now invested in 4 different stock markets and I’m learning a lot.

What next?

We have to consider the future. The surge in covid cases will calm down as immunity builds. Pfizer are already working on a vaccine for omicron. Will we need that vaccine? There are plans for a vaccine that protects against flu and omicron so that could be a shot that all us older and more vulnerable people get next autumn. What should we invest in now? Companies like Marstons and Whitbread will do better and I think the airlines could be a good bet too. Easyjet, IAG and Air France are on my list. I’m still enthusiast about banks and oil companies too. Lloyd’s Banking Group is the one I am counting on! What will our Peppa Pig Prime Minister do next? We hope he lies low and does nothing for a while. He could send Ian Duncan Smith to Peppa Pig World, out of the way for a couple of weeks, before he says anything else moronic and starts a diplomatic spat with the Chinese government.



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