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No one tells us how to think, but there are powerful influences that seem to guide, not only what we think, but our behaviour too. We know television advertising affects us, but how much does the programming affect us?  Are our perceptions of society and ourselves being manipulated?


The advertising is designed to influence what we spend our money on, but can it influence our political views too? How about the programmes? There has been a lot in the news in the UK about welfare and benefits. Do the programme makers just reflect public interest when making programmes about benefits or are they manipulating public thinking and opinion? Are our perceptions of society being programmed?

I often hear clichés that don’t belong in the Anglo-Saxon derived dialect that we speak in the Black Country. People are picking them up from television and the clichés are often the sort heard in London and Essex.

How powerful is the subliminal power of the media? They seem to bombard us with messages every minute of our lives. They are on bill boards, television, in the cinema, on the screens of our phones and our computers. They persuade people to eat junk food, buy designer gear and queue for the latest movie or the latest gadget. They pander to our insecurities and exploit our insecurities. The desire to be accepted as one of the in crowd with the latest designer gear or the latest smart phone seems to be based on insecurity and a feeling of being a social outcast.

Do any of us really feel comfortable? Do we all feel we have to do more to fit into society and do more to be fully accepted by society. Is this insecurity, a weakness that big business can exploit? Our perception of ourselves can be manipulated by the media. The perfection of the photo-shopped images we see every day, is something we can never achieve. We can’t have an exciting life, like they do in the movies, unless we win the lottery. We can’t be as smart as the people in the movies, because they are just acting. The movie just manipulates our perceptions of other people and makes us feel inferior.

Our perceptions of society and of others is always open to manipulation. We are social animals, we have a tendency to agree with the majority. If we disagree, we are labelled rebels or worse. There are many pressures that force us to conform to the will of the collective. We like to perceive ourselves as independent thinkers, but we are a part of a collective that wants to think in harmony. We have different political views, but how different? If you stray too far from the collective view, you’re a radical and scorned.

He who controls the media, controls our minds. It doesn’t seem healthy to have one company or one person in control. We need rebels to put the alternative views. We need people who see the world differently. We need confident people, but we also need the insecure introvert to remind us of threats and dangers.

What do you think? Are you an independent thinker or do many of your ideas come from the media? Please share your original thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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