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Permission and approval #photography

This last weekend I managed to do some landscape photography and a few portraits. I was asked to do a portrait so had permission but in a public place, you don’t need permission to photograph people. You do need to use common sense though. You don’t take photos that are likely to cause a problem.

No permission needed


There are children in this photograph and so are their parents. The parents can see me taking photos and so if they don’t ask me to stop they are giving their tacit approval. In a school setting where the parents aren’t present I always make sure there is written permission from parents.


Public place

I put this photo on social media and someone asked if I had asked permission to take their photo. I didn’t need permission and it would be really difficult to keep asking everyone if I could take their picture. This type of shot is a candid shot and captures a moment in time. It isn’t likely to embarrass or harm anyone. Do you think photographers with long lenses ask permission to photograph pop stars or royalty?


The council

Council owned parks are public places but are used for children’s’ activities and then you do need to ask permission to take photos but in general, you can photograph whatever you want in a public place. I’ll be photographing the carnival on Saturday and that is a public event where people can reasonably expect to be photographed. They can approach photographers and ask not to be photographed and most photographers will respect their wishes. I tend to be more careful when photographing disabled people, for example, but I don’t have to be.

The rules relating to permissions and approvals are easy to remember because they are just common sense.

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