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Personality and character #photography

Taking someone’s photograph can give you a glimpse of their personality and character. Buildings have character too and that is often reflected in its history. For the photographer, portraits of people usually require a wide aperture which will give a shallow depth of field and a pleasing bokeh. This seems to separate the subject from the background. Photographs of buildings tend to be shot with a narrow aperture just like landscapes and composition also can be similar to taking a landscape shot. We look for leading lines and I also look for texture. I often find that texture in the brickwork of a building.

personality and character


In the above picture, I have textures in the lines on the shutters and I like the way the road appears to sweep around the corner and down Ridding Lane to that row of terraced houses. The buildings on either side of the road look incidental to the picture but each has its own distinct character. The vibrant red of the estate agents’ signs contrasts with the simple and bland appearance of The Nail Room.

Wednesbury Market Place

Wednesbury Market Place

With this image, I’ve tried to capture the character of Wednesbury Market Place. Each building seems to have its own distinct character which doesn’t seem to blend together to give the whole Market Place a character of its own. There is no uniformity, the character is a result of many quite sperate decisions in the history of the area. It is actually a conservation area and there is a plan to renovate the buildings and introduce some uniformity which will hopefully give the area a more distinctive character. The focal point would still the clock tower which dominates this image.

Personality and character

As we look through the viewfinder we need to be aware of the personality and character of what we see. I’ll be taking more photographs of the Market Place in the near future and hopefully, the images will contribute plans for a more uniform character in the future that blends in with the clock tower and its early 20th-century design. An important part of taking those photographs will be to look at the signage, the doors, the windows and all those little things that give a building character.

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