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Pharma in focus #investments

pharma in focus

Pharma in focus

Pharma in focus was really the theme of the week with Immupharma soaring as trials of its Lupuzor drug appear to be successful. The inventor of the drug is also due to give a lecture on the developments which is expected to be positive news. In early trading today, many investors were selling and taking profits and so quite a big drop this morning.


Also falling in the pharma sector on AIM is Verona pharma. They have a new drug for asthma and COPD in development. That price is really volatile and will recover. Both Immupharma and Verona are both long-term investments that I’ve researched and should give high returns when the drugs come to market, if not before.


The third company on my pharma in focus list is GSK and thankfully they are making a slight gain this morning. They also pay a quarterly dividend that is adding to my dividend income. I don’t pay much attention to dividends but they do mount up. I had three dividends in May from RSA, ITV and Lloyds and I have the AA dividend this month. GSK along with Debenhams will pay  dividends in July.


I sold Lloyds at 80p making a decent profit having bought in when they were around 30p. I bought back in again at 64 and they are on 71 this morning. I think they could go as high as a pound this year.

Automatic trades

Traders get excited and buy on rising prices and you have those automated trades. The computers can trash the market when lots of stop loss automatic trades kick in but the reverse is also true. Stop losses will be a danger if there is panic before the referendum and certainly a danger if the leave campaigners win. The reverse could be true as automatic buys could trigger a bullish market if the stay campaign win. The stay campaign is odds on to win but there could be a surprise. Who would have thought the Tories would win the General Election?

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