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Pharmaceuticals and fantasy #finance

I had a good week again this week, thanks to Immupharma which climbed to 174 on Tuesday only to fall back to 155 on Wednesday. Yesterday it was up again and although volatile it is staying around 173 today. Verona Pharma climbed to 180 last week and fell back to 170 this week but that still gives me a good return. So it was largely the pharmaceuticals that have given my portfolio a lift last week and this week. That was a 9% rise over the two weeks and a great improvement.

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I find pharmaceuticals easier to research and the prices rise and fall on good news or disappointing news. There should be some good news from Immupharma today relating to a database lock on the data from the phase three trial of Lupuzor. The results of the trial are expected around the middle of this month. In anticipation of that, the share price is up over 3% this morning.

Fantasy portfolio

If you are new to investing you can get some experience by having a fantasy portfolio and I have a few on London South East. Just open an account and start a portfolio. You can also have watch lists. I have a fantasy portfolio to mirror my real portfolio and  I started another one with just pharmaceutical shares in January to help me monitor that sector. I decided to add some more shares to that portfolio this month and added fairly stable FTSE 100 companies. This is what the portfolio looks like now:

pharma portfolio

I started with just 5,000 and I have assumed dealing fees of 3.95 which is the discount fee I get once a month. So far I’m up just under 1% but the dealing fees have eaten into the 109.72 profit. We also have to bear in mind that we incur dealing fees again when we sell. Dealing fees adversely affect small investors far more than big investors and it only costs brokers about £1 to actually do the deal. As you can see Midatech was a bad choice for this portfolio but Immupharma and Verona Pharma were very good choices. The big pharmaceuticals were also good choices apart from AZN which I think will come good.  My expectation is that the big pharmaceutical companies will be good choices for as long as the pound doesn’t rise against the dollar. The small pharmaceutical companies are harder to predict but they all have something in the pipeline. The rest of the portfolio is made up of big FTSE 100 companies and that gives us enough diversity to mitigate a potential disaster.

Good luck with your investing and always remember to diversify as much as you can. The above fantasy portfolio is too heavily dependant on pharmaceutical companies.

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