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My photographic journey #photography

I think of my photography as a photographic journey and in these posts, I try to share my journey. I only took up photography about 10 years ago and I try to think of it as art, not just taking snaps to record events. I’ve been doing the 64 million artists challenge which is a month of daily creative challenges which has been helping me focus more.

 photographic journey


I like to experiment and perhaps I experiment too much! The subject in this shot is the clock tower and that was where my focus point was. I wanted the eye to compare the car in the foreground with the clock tower and I was aware of the shops in the background too. I shall probably go back and take the shot again and I might do better next time. The lamp-post on the right looks like it’s leaning and that is a problem when you’re shooting upwards to capture a tall structure.

 photographic journey


The zeitgeist of a particular period can be captured using photography and signs are part of that. I think these signs will eventually disappear and the individual towns will lose their identity completely. There are other indications of the current zeitgeist, including fashions and styles. They are all around us and photography can capture them better than any other medium.

Photographic journey

My photographic journey is a little like my journey through life, I’m not sure where it will take me. I have some ideas for this year and I’m looking forward to spring. I want to improve my flash photography and I’ve been practising with off-camera flash and trying to find the settings that work best. The TTL setting is useful but not as reliable as I expected. Sometimes a manual flash bounced off a wall gives a better light. Flash photography at events will be a challenge for some time especially when there is little ambient light.

Photography festival

We have the photography festival this year and I want to take some really good pictures to contribute this spring. I need to upgrade my people skills too, so I can talk to people more easily. I find working with people difficult and so I’m more at home with landscape or taking candid shots of people. I think candid shots will be my main aim this year.

So those are my aims for this year. Improve people skills and flash photography!

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