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Photographing buildings #photography

I went to Tipton on Sunday with the intention of photographing the Fountain Inn and Mad O’Rourke’s Pie Factory.  I only managed to do the Fountain and a passing narrowboat. I like to plan my shot when I’m photographing buildings.


Photographing buildings

I thought just taking the shot from across the road might produce an uninteresting and quite flat image. The stormy sky made it more interesting but I still want to go back and try again. I’m not very good at crouching down but that would give a better shot and make the building look more imposing.


Stormy sky

The stormy sky makes this shot interesting but it’s not a good angle on the pub. The road going away from us gives the shot depth and if I can take a shot from across the road with the road going out into the distance, then that might be the best shot.


Notice the shadows in this shot. The sun is over to my left and the front of the pub is in shadow. I think taking the shot a little earlier in the day might give me more light on the front of the pub.


When you’re photographing buildings there are always details that you want quite sharp. Sometimes it’s brickwork and other times it’s the sign writing. In this case, I want the sign writing really sharp. Metering is quite important but the shot can be taken with a wide aperture for a shallow depth of field or a narrow aperture if I decide to photograph the road going away in the background.

Return visit

I shall be back for a return visit on Saturday but that will be later in the afternoon. I’ll be photographing local poets reciting their poetry outside the pub but I might take a few more shots of the pub as well. If I don’t get the shot I want I’ll keep going back until I do!

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