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Photographing buildings #photography

1 Queens Head

If you’re just starting to take up photography, then try photographing interesting buildings. You can think more about taking the photo and less about the settings. I took this photo of the Queen’s Head in Wednesbury on a sunny day, so it’s a nice bright photo.


This shot of the Horse and Jockey in Darlaston was trickier. I waited until the pub had been repainted. It was white before and this colour scheme was great for a photo. It reflected lots of light but not too much. I used a wide aperture and took the photo in the morning when the sun was shining on the building.


My depth of field for this shot was quite shallow. I used f/6.3 and although it’s quite a bright photograph the light wasn’t that good. I compensated for that by increasing the ISO to 400. I took a few shots at an angle like this one and some from across the street.


This is the Vine in Darlaston again and this shot was used as a header on their Facebook page for a while.

Vicarage road small

This is the Leathern Bottel in Wednesbury and it is obviously a building that is well looked after and a good subject. I took lots of shots, but I like this picture because it has a lot of perspectives as Vicarage road goes away from us towards the church. This pub was established over 500 years ago and the church is even older.

Vicarage road

After photographing the Leathern Bottel  continue up Vicarage road to find the Rosehill Tavern. Then you have the two churches to photograph and you might even get a shot of the windmill if you explore the streets and narrow passages on Church Hill.

For buildings, you can use a wide aperture to get your subject in sharp focus. You can also use a narrower aperture if you’re shooting from a little farther away rather than zooming in. It doesn’t really matter what camera you have and you can even just set the camera on the landscape scene setting to get acceptable shots. The important thing is to look for interesting buildings and photograph them when you have some good light. You can even try some night shots because pubs are often lit up at night.

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