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Photography: Advertising on your blog

1 Vine advert

I’ve started with a photo of a pub we visited on Friday today. I’ve added some text using PhotoScape to turn it into an advert and if you click it; it will take you to the Facebook page for the pub (in a new window). Creating and adding adverts for local businesses is that easy and not very intrusive.

1 Vine advert 2

I’ve linked this picture the same and I’ve been a little more creative with my editing of the image. If you target local readers with your blog, local businesses might be quite willing to pay for a permanent advert on your blog. You could add one advert to each blog post. Or even add them to ‘pages’ or your sidebar.

1 Vine advert 3

Using words and a picture, you can tell readers about the business and what it looks like. What do you think of the pub? Does it look inviting? In this post I am simply combining the subject of the post with some discrete publicising.

1 Vine advert 4

Advertising doesn’t have to be intrusive and a website that serves as a magazine for your local community could make a little money, especially if you could get some support from local bloggers to provide content and local politicians to provide political news stories. Even the local emergency services might help.

1 Vine advert 5

This idea of a local web based magazine would be ideal for a ‘social enterprise’ serving the community and promoting local businesses. Using some marketing and free advertising to start it off would help get it established. It could be promoted locally using business cards, leaflets and adverts on notice boards in the businesses that advertise.

1 Vine advert 6

You could also promote local community events like charity events and the local carnivals, markets and fairs. What do you think? Do you find these adverts intrusive?

You can have your say in the comments box and you are welcome to steal my ideas! You can also follow me on Twitter.

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