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Photography and writing

I think photography compliments the writing and editing that I do. It allows me to add images to my blog posts and share snapshots of life in the UK with people overseas. It’s six years since I bought my Fujifilm S5600 and it wasn’t long before I was in the finals of a photography contest.

Last year I was able to buy a Nikon DSLR and so the photography became more expensive, but allowed me to start becoming more professional and shoot events like the carnival. I’m slowly becoming better with the people  who are the subject of the photos. Capturing their emotions is difficult. Often the emotion expressed in the facial expressions is one of apprehension.

I prefer people to be happy to have their photos taken and that involves getting them used to having a photographer around and it also means building some trust. Some photos come out really well and show people and what they are doing in a good light; others aren’t so good and shouldn’t be used.

I’ve found the children really good subjects, perhaps because they are more trusting and want to get their photos in the newspaper! Perceptions can be changed by publicity. Being the subject of a photo-shoot can be good for business. I’ve done some at pubs and I have tried to convey an image of a family atmosphere, rather than seasoned drinkers standing around getting drunk!

We are in an era when social media is an important part of business. The public face of many small businesses is on Facebook. This is free publicity, but despite ‘sharing’ news; it often doesn’t get to the people it is intended for. Sharing images is much better, but although everyone has a camera or a camera on their phone; the images aren’t always good enough. Photography is about capturing light and I’ve invested quite a lot of money buying a DSLR that does that quite well. I also bought a speed-light that gives extra light in the usual dull conditions for this country.

I plan to photograph another event in about 10 days time. This time it’s a narrow-boat festival that should provide me with good subjects. The narrow-boats are usually painted in bright colours that contrast with the water and natural surroundings of the canals.

Many of the events I’m photographing are associated with Black Country culture and so I hope it’s telling the world about our culture and what we stand for. The history of the Black Country is woven into that culture. One of my sets of photos was taken at the Fiery Holes, a pub that takes it’s name from the underground fires that consumed the coal that the Black Country is famous for. I understand that the coal seam still runs though Moorcroft Wood where it was once mined forming a huge hole in the ground that is now filled with water and is Moorcroft pool, otherwise known locally as the Sanna.

I hope you’ve found today’s post interesting. There has been fewer pictures than usual, but then, I write better than I take photos! Please leave comments in the comments box and share your thoughts. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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