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Photography: April showers

1 tree at Manor House

I go out taking photographs in all weathers, but rain does make it a little more challenging. Showers are normal in England in April and so we have to try to go out in between the showers. I took a few photos last week but it’s been constant rain or dark skies since.

The trees are now coming into blossom, but this one wasn’t quite in full bloom last week. I might be able to get another shot of it today. Sometimes just a little of the tree in the shot can be more effective.

1 Manor House

This is West Bromwich Manor House which is 12th or 13th century. You can just about see the moat in this picture. Of course, nice scenic pictures are OK, but there are other subjects that you might consider that have a local or national importance.

11 79 bus

The quintessential double decker bus makes for an interesting photograph. In this picture, I have a structure of scaffolding in the background, which makes it unusual. In most of my landscapes you will see overhead power lines. They are putting up scaffolding as part of a programme to replace some power lines.

1 art street

Lastly, an artistic edit. Notice how the trees and the lamp post are distorted. Most of this edit was done in-camera. I was experimenting with the different camera features, shooting in sepia and the in-camera editing. It even has a feature for turning your photo into a drawing and I used that here. I altered the colour and contrast a little using PhotoScape.

What do you think of today’s photos? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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