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Photography: best pictures of 2014

Best Pictures

This pool is about a mile from my home and I often take photos there. They are always different, because we go through different seasons and experience different weather. This picture has to be my best one this year.

The pale blue sky caused by thin cloud gives the sky a nice colour and the diffused light colours the water with the same shade of blue. I would like a print of this on my wall.

I think I took this picture of geese flying in formation on the same day. The water is a nice even colour and the geese are reflected nicely on the still water. That is almost perfect light for landscapes.

Now for some of the best pictures from 2014, click on any one to bring up the carousel.

This weeks photography post is a little different and more pictures! I hope you’ve enjoyed it. It took a lot longer than usual with lots of updates. The river is the River Tame, the canal is the Birmingham canal at Tipton and some pictures were taken in Sandwell Valley. The rest of the pictures were taken in Wednesbury, where I live.

There will be lots more photos for you to view in the next few days; no stopping for Christmas!

I would like to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas.

Please comment and tell me what you think of the pictures. You can also follow me on Twitter. More pictures tomorrow, will you be on any of them?

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