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Photography: Black Country Pubs

I’ve been photographing buildings rather than landscapes just lately. It was nice and sunny when I took this picture and the gathering of horse drawn carriage enthusiasts made the shoot even more interesting.

I made this photo of The Vine Inn into an image that  linked to their Facebook page; effectively making it an advertisement. The artistic edit made the photo better.

DSC_9496 (Copy)

I also shot a few interesting pictures inside at the Vine. It’s better when there is an event, it makes it more interesting, but readers around the world just want to know what the inside of a pub looks like. Those new pulls are ready for even more real ales to be on tap.

DSC_9833 (Copy)

I took this shot yesterday and it’s not so good partly because of the weather. The town has a lot of interesting history, because it’s named after the Anglo-Saxon God Woden. Here you can see the pub shares the same name. In the background you can see the church high on the hill, occupying the site of a ancient castle built by the warrior princess, Ethelfleda.

DSC_9817 (Copy)

The Three Horseshoes didn’t look very inviting despite offering Black Country ales. Do you think tourists would want to tour around these pubs on a day trip sampling the ales? Maybe…

DSC_9810 (Copy)

The Gough Arms is a pub with an interesting architecture, it looks like it’s inspired by Art Deco. They’ve altered the kerb outside and it’s all patchwork and although the light was grey yesterday I don’t think it’s a great looking scene. I can’t see the tourists queuing up to visit this pub either. The local council don’t help with their patchwork pavements, speed humps and random street furniture.  I think that ‘give way’ sign is facing the wrong way too and it’s leaning. John Cleese starred in a film shot just down the road, called Clockwise. I bet they didn’t pop into this pub for lunch and they ain’t been back since…

What do you think? Do you think some of these buildings could be a little more aesthetically pleasing? Not to mention the whole deprived area? Please have your say in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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