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Photography: Boer War battle

1 Forge Mill lake - Sandwell Valley

If you saw yesterday’s post you’ll know that I went to Sandwell Valley Country Park and West Bromwich Manor House on Sunday to take photos. This is Forge Mill lake. As you can see, it was a grey sky and this was shooting north.

The soldiers

The grey cloud tends to make colours darker, so the grass looks too green, but the photos were reasonable considering the cloud.

1 more cannon fire

You need a fast shutter speed and continuous shooting to capture the action. Here I managed to get the smoke as the cannon fired.

1 soldiers advancing

The battlefield became quite smoky with all the gun fire.

1 cannon and camp

I did change my position for some of the final shots and as you can see I had to try to capture all the smoke from the guns and the cannon with this shot.

1 character in a tent

This was probably my best shot of the day. The white of the tent acting almost like a light box and giving me quite a good shot.

1 Boer war characters

The characters in this photo look quite natural, rather than a stiff pose. This was after the ‘battle’.

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