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Photography: Candid shots

Candid shot 1

Candid shots where the subject isn’t aware they are being photographed can be interesting, because you capture a moment in time. The facial expressions convey emotion, rather than a forced smile for the camera.

I used the 300mm lens for these shots and a  long lens is also useful for candid shots of wildlife and for shooting street fashion.

Candid shot of two boys

Taking Paparazzi style candid shots is like an invasion of privacy, so you have to be selective about what you shoot and what you use afterwards. Most people won’t mind if the resultant photograph is a good picture that doesn’t show them in a bad light. Children are usually quite pleased.

Candid shot at the charity bike ride

You can do this kind of shot with a bridge camera with a good zoom, but you get better definition with a DSLR. It’s not just about having 24 Megapixels and a larger sensor. It’s also about lens quality, shutter speed and picture processing. You can see the fine spokes in the wheel of this bike without blurring; that is the difference.

Horse and Cart at The Vine Inn, Darlaston

I usually have the camera on ‘sport setting’ for these shots, so the shutter speed is fast and it’s multiple shots. I can quickly take multiple shots to capture that fraction of a second when the action take place. That is typically 1/300 of a second, but can be faster.

In the first two pictures, I zoomed in close with the 300mm lens. I used the 55mm lens for the last two. I intend to buy a 18 – 105 mm lens which will give me a good lens for events. I intend to photograph a boat festival soon and that lens will give me greater zoom than the 18 – 55 mm, but I’ll be able to zoom out better too.

Do you have a favourite picture today? Have you tried candid shots with your camera? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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