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Photography: Changing weather

1 art gallery

The weather keeps changing now and so I have to sometimes take photographs indoors. We took a few outdoors this week, but dropped into the art gallery to take a few in the afternoon. It’s advisable to have the flash off in an art gallery or museum because long term exposure can damage the paintings.

I like this first picture because it’s a Victorian art gallery and I managed to capture the light coming through the doors.

1 art gallery landing

This is Wednesbury art gallery and museum. It’s a nice gallery, but not very big, so I took some photos at unusual angles. I wish they would have a sensible open art exhibition for local artists. They need a venue to show their work.

1 Gallery steps

Some Victorian buildings can be very dark, because they didn’t have electricity until the beginning of the 20th century. Art galleries do tend to be better because they used large windows and skylights to provide some light.

Holyhead Road

The sun had come out when we came out of the art gallery so I took a few shots outside. That iconic looking building is Morrison’s supermarket with the police station on the left. I simply used the ‘sports’ setting for this shot, because it focuses quickly and I can take multiple shots quickly. It’s a good setting when there are moving vehicles.

1 Wednesbury pool

Sometimes you just want a test shot to gauge the light. I took this one out of the car and the light seemed quite good after the rain. I’ve taken photos here so many times before I didn’t think I would get a better photo. It was a little too bright. I get better pictures when its a little later in the afternoon and sometimes a little cloud changes the colours. The light reflected down from the sky changes all the colours, especially the water. A cloudy sky is good if they are white clouds, but dark rain clouds don’t reflect so much light. The last hour before sunset can be a golden hour for light, but you also get long shadows.

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