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Photography: Charity Bike Ride

The Frying Pan Charity Bike Ride

I photographed the charity bike ride from the Frying Pan in Darlaston to Bridgnorth. That’s quite a way, I did that ride when I was a lot younger! In this picture you can see it was very sunny, which gave a lot of long shadows.

The Frying Pan Charity Bike Ride

I tried to capture the mood of the event and take shots with a lot of colour. You can see lots of different skin colours in this shot because the light varies so much, just in the one shot. This can be improved a little in editing.

The Frying Pan Charity Bike Ride

Group shots are good, but this shot had to be in the shade or the sun would have been too bright. Landscape photography can be planned more, but events are more random.

The Frying Pan Charity Bike Ride

I like this picture, I think the shadows actually make the shot a lot more interesting. I usually look at people’s hair and if I can see the individual strands, the shot isn’t blurred. In these shots I was looking at the spokes of the wheels. You can see them quite clearly, even when the bike were moving.

The Frying Pan Charity Bike Ride

The camera can freeze action shots if it’s set on a fast speed and in bright light that’s easier. Zooming in can capture the action and make the shot more interesting.

 The Frying Pan, group picture

I went back in the afternoon and took a few more shots. Group shots seem a good idea, but are difficult, especially when using a flash. The bright sunshine was gone, so I had no choice but to use the flash. I took a few shots at high speed and picked the best one. Getting a shot where everyone is looking at the camera and not startled by the flash is difficult.

My camera is a  Nikon D3200 with 18-55mm lens for these shots and most were shot in the sports mode, which gave a fast speed. I hope to get a 18-105mm lens next, because I really think it could be useful for events like this. They are expensive though!

Please comment if you have something to say about today’s pictures. You can also follow me on Twitter. The rest of the pictures are in an album on Facebook, at least the best ones anyway!

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