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Tipton boats 8 x 10

I’ve been thinking about a photography competition this week and went to pick up the entry forms. I did a bit of research into previous competitions and I expect the standard to be very high. I’ll still enter and try to win!

I’ve started my post today with a picture of a boat gathering. The day I went to photograph that I had lots of time and many of the boats had left. I had time to fiddle around with camera settings and get a good photo. My camera was on manual for this picture and although it would have taken a good picture set on landscape, I wanted a better picture. It was a cloudy day and the light was poor and it was a harsh, cold light. I think by raising the ISO and taking my time with the shot I did get a much better picture. This shot is good enough for a competition.  It is the wrong subject for this particular competition, but maybe before the competition closes, I can get a better shot. I have chosen three for the competition, but they were just snaps at events. For competitions,it’s better to take you time and do a few shots on manual, pay attention to editing and pick out you best image for the competition. I also added a white border to the the bottom of this image. My camera shoot 6 x 4 and it’s the wrong aspect for the print I want (10 x 8) so I added that border to make it a 10 x 8 aspect. It also allows me to give the image a stylish title!

Hydes Pool 2015

I did the same with this shot. Again paying attention to the settings has given me quite a lot of detail, even the trees in the distance and the power cables are quite crisp and not at all blurred. That image wasn’t quite right, but my editor for blogging allows me to crops it a little.

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