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Photography: Gareth Gates Photo shoot

Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 (3)

If you  read my blog post at the weekend, you’ll know I did a photo shoot on Friday when the Christmas Lights were switched on by Gareth Gates. This first photo was fairly easy and I could take my time getting the camera setting right. I chose a fast setting of 1/30 of second and a high ISO (3200) and a wide aperture.

I soon gave up thinking about settings and used the sports setting. The camera worked out the settings then, but with sports it tries to do a fast shutter speed. It chose similar settings to me, but adjusted them for every shot.

Singer at the Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014

I still don’t know who these singers were, but they were very good. I tried to zoom in quite close. I used the 18 – 105 lens that I bought recently. I could have got in closer or cropped some off in editing. It’s not a bad shot though.

Singers at the Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014

I was able to try a different angle and zoom in more, but I think it’s worse not better!

Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 (25) (Copy)

We were told the press photographer in this picture is quite well known. He was wandering around, like me,  taking pictures of the market before the big act arrived.

Gareth Gates at the Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 (80) (Copy)

Gareth Gates

I got into position well before the big act arrived It was of course, Gareth Gates. I tried to zoom in from where I was to get some good shots, but the press photographers got the celebrities posing before they went on stage and they had a better position on the other side of the barrier.

Gareth Gates - Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 (100) (Copy)

I did my best from the crowd and zoomed in when I could. I tried shots with the flash and without, it made little difference. I needed to be nearer.

Gareth Gates - Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 (109) (Copy)

It’s impossible to get sharp pictures when people are moving and even keeping the camera still in a crowd isn’t easy.

Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 (115) snow

That snow left marks on my lens, I cleaned it well today!

Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 (119)

You can sometimes get a sharper picture, by waiting for the movement to stop for a moment.

Crowd at Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 (128)

I was in a crowd and they were moving around a lot too! It was very good though and I learnt a little more about photographing events at night. I kept warmer this year, with all my thermals and fingerless gloves!

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter. I might be photographing another celebrity next week. I’m not saying who, I might beat the press boys this time!

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    • Hi Rajat,

      Thanks, but when you comment mention something from the article or the blog owner might click spam. Once you’re on the WordPress spam list, you automatically get ignored as your comments just go into spam folder and get deleted.

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