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Photography has many uses. #photography

Photography has many uses. It’s used extensively in marketing to sell products. A photograph, like music, can be used to set the mood. The mood can be sombre or it can be light-hearted. Photographs can be representative. A photograph can represent a person or a place, for example. Photographs have many uses. Commercial photographs, taken by professional photographers,  should be of high quality.

photography has many uses

Type of camera

The type of camera is important. I use a full-frame DSLR and it is the camera of choice for most photographers, although mirrorless cameras are gaining in popularity. The DSLR has many different settings that can be applied for the different types of photographs. The DSLR is very controllable. You can adjust the shutter speed, aperture and ISO for pin-sharp images. You can also adjust the white balance, metering and focusing for different types of shots. A modern DSLR will also shoot HD video and I can even live-stream with my camera now, which is good for Zoom meetings.


Today’s montage shows how you can combine images to create an impression and a title will conquer up thoughts of a “secret garden” in this case. I did this montage with PhotoScape which is a free download and a very useful application.


Photography is an important part of the arts. A single image can be valuable simply because it elicits a response from the viewer. An image might arouse one’s curiosity. The image might be a shocking image of war or a food photograph that invites the viewer to buy pizza. The image might portray an ultra-modern city or a decaying slum. An image can say in an instant that which a thousand words might struggle to say.

Mug shots

Photography also records the faces of criminals and can help to solve crimes. Mug shots are used the world over and are a valuable tool of police forces. Crime scenes are routinely photographed and these days cell phone cameras are used to photograph crimes in progress.


Photography has many uses but the most widespread use of photography must be in marketing. Billions of photographs each year are taken for use in marketing products and services around the world. Photographs promote everything from politics to travel and through to the food we eat. Photography is an essential marketing tool but needs to be done with some skill. Fortunately, we have great cameras these days and there are now millions of photographers around the world. Phone cameras add to the number of images that are produced but for a professional photograph, you are still advised to use a professional photographer.

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