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Photography: Horse owners of Tipton

DSC_1103 (Copy)

The Frying Pan

This Sunday I was asked to take photos at the Frying Pan in Darlaston of a meeting of the horse owners of Tipton that was organised by Jason Foxall (pictured) in memory of his uncle, Colin “Kingy” Salter; a local character from Darlaston who passed away a couple of years ago.  

DSC_1111 (Copy)

As usual the weather wasn’t very good, but despite the grey sky, I managed to get some pictures before the rain came. The sun did peek out from behind the black clouds occasionally, but most of the time the light was poor.

DSC_1115 (Copy)

There was nothing I could do about the weather and the grey skies, but I could do some close ups and use the colour of the carts to make the photographs, less grey. There were a few willing models, but getting skins tones right is difficult too.

DSC_1157 (Copy)

Being aware of colour is important. Most of the images needed making lighter in editing, because dark colours don’t reflect much light. Fortunately the buildings reflected some light and so there were some contrasts.

DSC_1164 (Copy)

This scene was attracting a lot of interest.

DSC_1189 (Copy)

Getting a shot like this means a fast speed and taking multiple shots very quickly, so I had the camera on the sport setting. The quality isn’t  quite so good on that setting, but the camera adjusts quickly and for most events it’s the best setting. All the images are edited, so I could adjust contrast, brightness and crop the image.

DSC_1341 (Copy)

A lot of people turned up and so there was lots to photograph. I’m not sure how many shots I took in the end, but it was over 400. Some shots were like this one, just capturing the mood of the event and some were more close up.

DSC_1386 (Copy)

The close ups are better in poor light and the skin tone can usually be fixed in editing.

DSC_1419 (Copy)

There are different skin tones in the same image sometimes and so you have to compromise in editing and try to get the best picture possible.


I uploaded 81 pictures to my Facebook page and they are for public viewing. I have uploaded some photos to the Express and Star, but they haven’t been featured on the website yet.

It’s Black Country Day, next Monday on the 14th of July. On Saturday, it’s Wednesbury Carnival and Darlaston’s Party in the Park. I intend to photograph the carnival, but if I can I’ll go to the Party in the Park too. The Party in the Park starts at 10am and the Carnival at about 12 noon. I think the official opening is at 12 and the fun starts around 12:30.

Have something to say? Use the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter. I do tweet links and the link to those pictures on Facebook was tweeted just after I had finished uploading them.

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