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Photography: Local promotions

DSC_0029 (Copy)

I have decided to promote a few things locally using my writing and photography.  On Sunday, it was the Great Midlands Fun Run and Gale Nicholls (on the left) ran for Donna’s Dream House sponsored by the regulars in the Vine Inn, Darlaston. So I went to take a few pictures in the pub!

DSC_0032 (Copy)

These pictures were taken outside and the sun was bright and it was quite a harsh light. The shadows didn’t help either. The camera was set to take multiple shots and set for fine and a large image (6000px x 4000px) so I could crop easily for a closer image. The pictures aren’t great, but using quite a fast speed captured the movement and expressions. I don’t fiddle with the camera keeping people waiting or you simply get expressions of boredom and frustration.

DSC_0026 (Copy)

The picture I took inside the pub doesn’t have the same emotional impact. I decided against using the flash because it gives a harsh light, just like the sun gave outside. I have bought a new speed light, but even reflecting extra light off the ceiling still looks very harsh. I’ll get a diffuser for the speed light and see if that improves shots like that. What I did like about these pictures was the fine definition. You can click the pictures to see a larger image (1000px wide).

DSC_0034 (Copy)

One thing I have to remember is not to get too close when I’m taking pictures of people, because I’m usually taller than them. I sat down to get this picture. If you photographing children, it’s important to crouch or sit to get down to their level.

DSC_0036 (Copy)

I was standing up for this shot and you can clearly see the difference. Many of the people are sitting too, which makes it look like I’m close to the ceiling!

I will be taking more promotional photographs and trying to get the light better using the speed light with a diffuser. I’ll be buying a 300mm lens at the same time, so I’ll be able to photograph people from a distance. I think that will be useful for the opening of the carnival when I won’t be able to to get too close.

I’m going to add some text to some of last years carnival photos to publicise this years ahead of the event. It will be Black Country Day too. Tipton Carnival is next Saturday, so I want to cover that. I’m not too familiar with that area, so I don’t know where I might park my car. Wednesbury Carnival and the Darlaston Party in the Park are in July. I think they are both on the 12th, so I’ll try to flit from one to the other, but will spend most of my time at Brunswick Park in Wednesbury.

What do you think of today’s pictures?  Please comment in the box below and you can subscribe and get emails every time I do a new post. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates. You can find the Facebook page for the Vine Inn by clicking the link. I can recommend the Banks’s mild and they have another six real ales to choose from too…

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