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Photography: Macro shots

I’ve started today with a photo of my camera!  I bought that suction cup gadget from Amazon and it fixes to the wall for macro shots. I was using it to copy some postcards and other things when the battery needed charging, so I took this shot with my Samsung Galaxy 2 phone. 

1 calendar top

I used the macro setting on the camera to take this shot of an old alloy calendar. Notice how much detail it has brought out not only in the calendar, but the pattern on the worktop too.

grand parents

I did an artistic edit on this old photo after I had repaired it a little.  I was able to copy a lot of photos and postcards much quicker than using a scanner. The quality is 300 dpi, the same.

I can also use that gadget as a tripod of sorts. I could fix it to the top of my car for example, so I have the camera quite still. I also have an infra red remote controller to trigger the camera shutter with.

Prawn  salad

The macro setting is also great for food photography. This was my dinner after all the hard work! Icelandic prawns, iceberg lettuce, tomato, beetroot and chips with Heinz salad cream. Delicious!  I just held the camera for this shot, but again; I could have used my suction gadget to get a shot with that extra bit of definition.

Most cameras have a macro setting, just look for the setting that looks like a little flower. Have a thought or a question? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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