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Photography: Mega – pixels

Wednesbury Lake in summer

I took this first photo in 2010 with my Fujifilm S5600. It is 2592 x 1456 pixels. If you multiply those two numbers together you get less than 3.8 million pixel. The camera can go up to 5 million pixels, so that wasn’t it’s largest setting.


My Nikon D3200 is nearly 24 Megapixels and can take photo that are 6,000 pixels wide and 4000 pixels high. Is that better? It is if you are doing a poster, but not for the internet. Few pictures are printed these days, we share them on the internet using social media or sites like Flickr so we need them smaller, not bigger.

Wednesbury lake

I took this picture on Sunday in the same place and it looks a lot different. This was taken with the more expensive Nikon D3200 which is a digital SLR.

When you’re taking a picture, getting the image right and having good light is more important than the camera you’re using. I think if you double click these pictures to bring them up larger, you’ll find the Nikon picture has more detail especially in the distance. You can find lots of things to point your camera at even in winter. It was freezing on Sunday and so I donned my thermals and went out and took a few pictures. These are the best ones, most of them were taken in Sandwell Valley Country Park in West Bromwich; click them for a larger image:

I resized these pictures smaller for the internet, to just 1500 pixels x 997 pixels. They take up less than 1 Mb of space on my website server. Incidentally to print out a photo, you need at least 100 pixels per inch, so a photo 30 inches wide needs to be 3,000 pixels wide. You can see the frost and ice in that last picture. I was wearing my thermals!

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