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Community photography

Photography: Photographing an Event

Tipton Canal and Community Festival (23)

I photographed the Tipton Canal and Community Festival on Sunday. It’s organised by the Tipton Community Association. This is their stall at the event. It was very cloudy and so not good for photography.

Tipton Canal and Community Festival (106)

It’s a good idea to take some landscape shots that show the essence of the event, but identifying a clear subject and focusing on that works well in poor light. I zoomed in a lot on the subjects to get more clarity in the poor light.

Tipton Canal and Community Festival (118)

I do try to focus on the local organisations and hopefully give them some positive publicity. This was the crime prevention stall.

Tipton Canal and Community Festival (130)

This shot features on particular boat but shows the others in the background. The automatic focus on the camera has made the boat in the foreground quite clear. I think the smoke adds to the image.

Tipton Canal and Community Festival (145)

The grey sky tends to make everything look grey, so the colourful narrow-boats can break up that greyness. You need quite a fast shutter speed to capture the movement too, which reduces the light further.

Tipton Canal and Community Festival (20)

Sometimes taking a shot from a shaded spot works well. The camera compensates for the lower light and the brighter parts of the image are a little sharper.

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