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Photography: Planning for an event

Brunswick Park, Wednesbury

I’m planning on photographing the carnival in the park this year again. So I went into the park and took some shots in bright sunlight. You can see the really dark shadows in this shot when I shoot south west.

I need to take some shots in that direction of the opening of the carnival. I really need shots of the people and so using a telephoto lens would be better than the 18-55mm lens. It just so happens I’ve bought one.

A duck shot with a 300mm lens

I shot this picture of a duck in the same direction and it was about 3pm with the 55 – 300mm lens. It’s not a bad shot, but it looks slightly blurred, like it’s in soft focus. It would have been better if I’d used a tripod, but that won’t be an option at the carnival. I think I might be able to use a monopod for the opening ceremony though.

pigeons in the air

These pigeons were scared by a passing motorcycle so I just took the shot. The camera was panning to get the shot. I think it’s not too bad under the circumstances, but the movement of the camera made it a little blurred. For a shot where you have to pan, turn the VR (vibration reduction) off.

pigeons on a roof

The pigeons settled on a roof and so I took a shot of them with the camera zoomed in. You can see the different markings on the pigeons easily and it’s quite a sharp shot. The shot is to the north east and so the light is much better.

DSC_0862 (Copy)

There will be a funfair at the carnival and people walking around so I need to take shots with quite a fast speed to capture the action. I practised on these ducks!

Child running

I hope the weather is nice for the carnival, it will give me good light. The weather will also influence people’s choice of clothing. The summer colours reflect more light. I did examine carefully some photos taken by another professional photographer at a carnival where the light was poor. He or she, seemed to zoom in on the people and take quite close up shots, like I have with the ducks. I think I’ll remember to do that too. With a digital camera, you can take hundred of shots. I can get over 3,000 shots on my memory card, but some shots need a lot of thought. The ones where you won’t get a second chance like the opening ceremony need some thought beforehand. I’ll be taking both lenses and I have a speed light with a diffuser in case the light is really bad. Remember to take the lens hood off, if you’re using a flash, especially with a 300mm lens.

That’s it for this week. I think there is an event at West Bromwich Manor house on Saturday so that will be another opportunity to practise. I can get close up shots with the 300mm lens, but can’t zoom out so much. I hope I won’t have to change lenses too often. If you would like to comment, use the box below and you can also  follow me on Twitter for updates.

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