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I’m here again, Sunday morning and I’m sharing my innermost thoughts with you once again. I used to write my Sunday ramble while my lunch was cooking. This morning my breakfast hasn’t gone down yet. I only wrote a short post yesterday because I had a busy day. I have a photo shoot this morning too and this one is even earlier.


Local dignitaries

I took this picture yesterday. I was drinking tea in the company of the deputy mayor, the Deputy  Leader of the Labour Party and several local councillors. We were paying tribute to local alderman Bill Archer.  Bill was a Conservative councillor but at events like this you don’t think about politics, you think about people. People might be politically naive (in your view or my view) but they support and champion what they believe in and if they do it with some passion, we should respect that.


Not many people know that I’m really into psychology and suggestion and I’m acutely aware that my pictures carry a message and tell a story. Since I have started to photograph people rather than just landscapes my images are getting more of a reaction from people who view them. Even my copyright notice provokes a reaction. When I combine images with words that can be a really powerful message spread through social media and sometimes the newspaper.  I’ll add some more photos for you to react to…

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