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Community photography

Photography: Sandwell Valley Country Park

Wednesbury pool - landscape

I attached my 55  – 300mm telephoto lens on Sunday and went looking for wildlife to photograph. This landscape was at 55mm and it’s OK, but I would liked to have zoomed out further. A 15 – 55mm lens would have been better.

Paddling in the River Tame

I zoomed in for this shot from a bridge, it’s better than getting wet! This is the River Tame at Sandwell Valley Country Park.

Cyclists at sandwell Valley Country Park

I had the camera set on ‘sport’ to capture the action.

Swan and signets

I was able to zoom in on this swan and her signets and get good detail. The swan reflected a lot of light, but you can see the markings on the signets.

Coots at Forge Mill lake

Coots are hard to photograph because of their colour, which doesn’t reflect much light. This is one of my better photos of coots.

DSC_0114 (Copy)

More people in the picture seems to add some interest and I can do that easier with the telephoto lens. The 300mm lens seems better quality than the 55mm lens that came with the camera too.

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