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Photography: Spooky Halloween


It’s Halloween this week and so I went out to take some spooky graveyard photos. The idea with this photo was to take a shot and then superimpose a ghostly figure on top of the image, but it didn’t quite work out.

graveyard halloween

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the camera still enough in between shots. You get the general idea though. It’s better to have your model quite close to the camera. To stop camera movement, a tripod is a good idea. I was taking this in pre-storm winds! You can also improve the spookiness by using a flash on the shot with your ghostly figure in it.

Gothic churchyard

A Gothic church looks quite spooky for a Halloween photo too. You change the photo to black and white, grey scale or sepia.

Halloween churchyard

I used the colorize option on PhotoScape for this picture. It also has a vignette.

3 By the Milky Pool 

This path runs along side the Milky Pool, it’s not quite so spooky without manmade objects or buildings.


It’s quite spooky under this bridge and you hear a thump every time a vehicle passes over it. I have taken this shot a few times before, but the light is always poor. This time, it was even worse, but I used the flash and it’s made for a much better image. I really need a speedlite!

In PhotoScape use edit, then open your first picture and then click ‘object’ and the icon that looks like a picture to blend too pictures together. You want the second picture exactly the same as the first, except for your ghostly figure. Make it semi transparent for a really spooky look. I might try it again with a tripod and a different model. I’ll use a dummy, a different one!

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