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Photography: the canals

1 scenic Tipton

On Sunday, I took to the local canals to take photos of narrow-boats. It was early afternoon when I took this picture and you can see quite long shadows. The sun was south of me and quite bright. The colours are changing now and becoming much brighter. The grass is very green after all the rain. I’m shooting westerly for this picture.

1 Debdale going towards Tipton  town

I took this picture moments later and I think I like it better. I had my camera set on the landscape setting for these shots, so I could switch to aperture priority and take some in sepia. The canals are 18th century.

Boat on the Birmingham canal

The narrow-boat went through that lock. Look at the bridge that spans the end of the lock. It doesn’t reach the other side of the canal! There is actually a gap between that side of the canal and the bridge, which I find quite strange. It’s a bit weird crossing the bridge too.

1 fishing up Tipton

I think this scene was better in winter, because the colours were more varied and subtle. I took one of my winter pictures about an hour before sunset and the light was perfect. This is a little early in the afternoon.

1 sepia canal

This is with the camera set on aperture priority with sepia. I think the sepia is a little dark. I did some artistic edits on the sepia pictures to see what I could come up with.

1 arty edit

I made this one lighter and added a little green. Notice that the lock gate is still open in this picture.

What do you think,do you have one you particularly like this week? You can share your views in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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