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Photography | The Manor House

The Manor House

We went to lots of places to take photographs on Sunday. This is the Manor House at West Bromwich. I took this with my Nikon D3200. There was a falconry display in the ground, but the shots of the birds weren’t so good.

West Bromwich Manor House

It was a little more overgrown around the moat, the flowers have died off now. It was still a nice scene though. The weather was unsettled, quite sunny, but lots of cloud.

The Great Hall

This is the Great Hall. I obviously had to use the flash and the pictures are reasonably good. A ‘Speedlight’ flash would have been better.  This was where the whole household would have lived and slept in medieval times.


 There is a sort of gallery overlooking the Great Hall, I forget what it’s called. That’s where the more important family members would have had more privacy as the house was enlarged.

The chapel

 I think this was the chapel, you can see some signs left from when the building was a pub. The house is now owned by the local authority and run as a museum.

The sword room

 The sword and long bows on the table weren’t genuine, but does it matter? The beams have been painted black too, but it has a medieval look and feel.

The bar

This bar was a modern addition when it was turned into a pub. I like it, but I suppose it is a little out of place. I don’t think everything should be genuine, but it should look genuine.

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