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Photography, walks and talks #blastphotofest2019

It’s a sunny day in Sandwell and the Sandwell Pride of Place Project exhibition opens tomorrow in the former Poundland shop in the Kings Square shopping centre in West Bromwich. The opening event will be at 6 pm and the new mayor of Sandwell will be announcing the winners of the photography competition.

Blast festival of photography, walks and talks.

Today’s picture is one of my art cards which should be available at the exhibition. The exhibition is part of the Blast Festival of photography, walks and talks and there are lots of events by renowned photographers and other artists. I’ll go to some of the events. I’m looking forward to the ones in Tipton. There will be poetry on the canal with Emma Purshouse, Brendan Hawthorne, Billy Spakemon and friends. I’ll see if I can get photographs of them. There is a footbridge across to the Barge and Barrel and I would like to photograph them all crossing that footbridge.

Art card

I am planning another art card and I intend to photograph Mad O’Rourke’s Pie Factory for that which is just down the road from the Barge and Barrel. The day of the poetry event there will be an event at Brook Street community centre so I’ll pop in after I’ve taken photos on the canal. I don’t know too much about that event but I might take photos and chat to a few people.

Photography, walks and talks

I’m not well and I can’t walk very far before my leg becomes quite painful. I’m going to a pre-festival event this evening. I had to consider that carefully but I think I’ll be OK. My main concern now is getting through the rush hour traffic but I think I can use a few side streets to avoid the worst of it. There are a lot of disabled parking spaces near the town hall. So anyway, I can’t really go on the walks. I hope to intercept some of them and enjoy a bit of poetry on Tipton cut and if I can make it to the bandstand in Brunswick Park I might enjoy a bit of Beethoven at the end of one of the other walks.

So there you have it, weeks of events throughout Sandwell. For more information and to choose the events you would like to go to and to get tickets check-out the Blast photo Festival website.

I shall write more about this extravaganza of photography, walks and talks when the festival gets underway. If you would like to subscribe and read those posts just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page.

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