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Photons Dance #photo challenge

A picture of a water pool with photons boucing everywhere

Yesterday’s subject for the WordPress photo challenge was ‘dance’ so why is my photo of a scenic water pool? It is a metaphorical dance, so what is dancing? As a photographer, I see those little particles of energy we call the photons dancing around in front of my camera and I try to capture them.

Photons everywhere

Yes, there are photons everywhere, at least, when it’s light. Photons are light and our eyes capture photons as they bounce around and into our eyes hitting the retina and getting coded into a signal our brain sees as an image. We can even see images when they’re not even there, by simulating that coded signal to imagine images. You have to be impressed by what the eye and the brain can do and the camera tries to emulate.

Photon bounce

Photons bounce a little like a ball bounces. A ball will  bounce fast off a hard surface and slower off a softer surface. We see the photo-bounce as different coloured light.  They bounce differently close to sunset and they bounce off everything in a dance that takes them up, down and sideways. Some of them go through the shutter of the camera and hit the sensor and get coded into a signal and stored not in a brain but on a memory card.


The computer and phone screen we used every day, fire photons towards our eyes and we can we see the images we previously recorded on memory cards. Even these photons dance around the room and sometimes they have to compete against the light coming from the sun, that makes our phone screen hard to see in bright sunlight.

That’s my response to yesterday’s challenge: Dance

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