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I went to photograph my local church yesterday. It sits high on a hill overlooking my house. It was the Christmas tree festival, so schools and organisations within the community had decorated Christmas trees for the event. You can see more of those photos on my Facebook Page.

A Zillion Ideas will have to become more parochial now as I try to attract more local readers. It seems Google doesn’t like me too much, so I have to use Facebook to attract readers to this website. The new Facebook page is slowly being accepted and people are looking at the photos and clicking like. I hope some of them will share too so it will attract more visitors.

Besides photographing the church yesterday, I also photographed the opening of a new shop that sells gifts that are reminders of the past. They are useful for dementia sufferers to stimulate memory.

I have a page on my local newspaper, the Express and Star too. They reuse some of my photography posts and I upload some photos for them to use in their Star Witness section. Publishing is changing as it becomes more and more digital and competition is intense.

At photo shoots, I have to compete with the press photographers and with amateurs trying to capture memories. I’m quite polite and try to help others, but press photographers need to get their shot at all costs and so will walk in front of me as I’m taking a shot. Cheap cameras with no viewfinder are held out in front of people and often end up ruining my shot. I just accept it and know that my photos are different.They are better than the amateurs and I get more interesting pictures than the professionals because I don’t have to suck up to the dignitaries or make people pose. I like natural candid shots, even the ones where people pull a face!

I’ll end with a few photos from this year. You can follow this blog by entering your email address in the space at the top of the sidebar or just follow me on Twitter. If you’re local, say hello if you see me around. I’ll be in Darlaston today!

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