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Pictures of the snow #photography

I woke up yesterday to see everything covered in snow so I had new photography opportunities. I decided not to clear it from my car and took some shots out of the window! The sky was quite dark so I had to raise the ISO but often when we have snow there is plenty of light if the sun comes out. Snow does reflect the light quite well.

Snow in gardens

Pictures of the snow

It was still snowing a little when I took this shot. It has a lot of depth and going across the gardens to the housing on the other side gives it an unusual feel. I raised the ISO to 640 and shot it relatively wide at f/5.6. It’s quite acceptable despite shooting it through the window. The glass of the window can sometimes cause some distortion and I would have liked to shoot it narrower.

Camera for Christmas?

If you had a DSLR for Christmas, all this stuff about apertures and shutter speeds is probably confusing. If you can have a chat with a photographer who will explain it in simple terms. The rest is practice and learning a few simple rules. The important thing is to enjoy your photography. You also learn your own style. I like to shoot faster than most people because I tend to get a little more camera shake. I shot the above picture at 1/200 of a second. I often shoot on aperture priority and I set the aperture and the camera sets a suitable shutter speed. I now know that a faster shutter speed suits me so I shoot more on manual. For this shot, I set the shutter speed on 1/200 of a second and set the aperture on f/8. That gave an underexposed reading on the exposure meter so I increased the ISO and at ISO 640 I got nearly enough exposure so I took the shot at f/5.6. I could probably have increased the ISO even more and stayed at f/8 but you have to use your judgment at the time and I went for a wider aperture.

New to using a DSLR

If you’re new to using a DSLR then start with aperture priority and let the camera do half the work. You can also shoot in programmed auto which I find confusing but it does set both aperture and shutter speed. You also have to set your focus points. It is easier to shoot with just one focus point and many photographers only use one. You will find it easier if you’re shooting certain scenes to have a lot of focus points to help you keep the camera level. The camera can tilt two ways as you take the picture and the focus points can help you keep it level. If you’re photographing a building and your camera is tilted slightly to the right the left side of the building will be slightly out of focus, watching the focus points can ensure it’s all in focus. DSLR cameras also allow you to select part of the frame to meter the light from, which is useful when you’re doing portraits. For landscapes meter across the whole frame.

Enjoy your photography

Above all else, enjoy your photography and develop your own style. I tend to be fairly prolific and take lots of pictures. I do stop and think about some shots that I want to be good enough for prints or postcards but I take lots of snaps too. I do stop and see a great shot quite often and it is important to develop a good eye for that great shot. It is important to let others see your photographs and get their opinion on them. I mostly post them on social media where I get likes and more importantly comments. Photography should be interactive whether you show your photographs in an exhibition or on social media.

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