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The Dickens story, Christmas Carol, teaches Scrooge a lesson based on the spirits of the past, present and future. We should live in the present and take each day as it comes but we should also learn from the past and plan for the future. I did quite well after the 2008 credit crunch because the central banks just turned on the electronic money machine and printed loads of cash which in turn inflated asset prices like shares and property. Now the bubble is showing signs of bursting and we have the stupidity of Brexit to worry about. Even considering leaving the EU when we were still recovering from an economic crash was stupidity of the first order. The government never has a plan B and so it is all going horribly wrong. I always have a plan B so even though this year has been bad for me financially I’ll survive with little impact on my standard of living.


Plan B

I did have some plans for my photography and art for 2019 but with less money to spend and continuing problems with my health, I might have to be content to continue as I have been. I might have to take a different direction and focus on something new. I have a good camera so I can continue to take quite decent photos. A new camera would have been better in low light but I find you can spend huge amounts of money on lenses and other equipment and so you never have enough money. I’ll be content with what I have for a while. If the government was to take the same attitude, it would scrap HS2 and invest in what they have instead of building new. That is, essentially, plan B, use what I have and invest in improving my skills.

Work smarter

For me, plan B often means working smarter not harder. Perhaps it’s my poor health that drives me to consider how I can do things smarter. Planning is a smart thing to do. I’m quite a logical person but I realise that if a plan is going to go wrong it will be for an emotional reason, not a logical one. People are driven by emotions and I find it difficult to work with other people for that reason. They tend to be more emotional than me. I get anxious and so find dealing with people difficult but I don’t panic or allow anger to influence my actions.

Learn from the past

I have learnt this year that a lot of people I know have built up resentment and in some cases, they are envious of others. I try to stay out of their petty squabbles. I also try to be patient with people who do stupid things. I do find it hard to cope with people who are really filled with hatred for their fellow-man. That hatred is borne out of tribal behaviour, they seem to hate anyone who is different or not ‘part of their tribe’.  There is a natural tendency to marginalize people from outside the group or people who refuse to obey group rules or perceived norms of behaviour. I see society as being much more divided now by things like the Brexit divide but that is just a symptom of deeper divisions. Brexit is driven by racism but also by a strong desire for self-determination. Centralisation takes power away from the individual leaving then feeling powerless and exploited.

That’s all for today, Christmas is fast approaching and I have to make plans! Plan B? It might be to go out and take photos on Christmas Day. It was great last year, so traffic! If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. There are also links on my Facebook page.

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