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BC (37)

My first picture today, is Jubilee Park in Tipton. We were passing yesterday, so I checked  it out. There will be a carnival there next month and I wanted to look at the scenes and where the event would be held and check parking.

BC (14)

The river runs down the side of this playing field and you can just see to the left white flowers at the side of the river. Those will give a floral display the length of the river over the next few weeks. That will be worth photographing.

BC (90)

This shot’s interesting because it’s into the sun and that white patch on the ground is millions of daisies. Some events like flowers only occurs in spring, so you have to know where and when and plan for the future. If your photography is planned, you find flowers in season, narrow-boats taking to the water in spring and summer. Your photography can be planned in winter too to get frozen lakes and snow pictures can be quite spectacular too.


If your photography is planned, you can also choose the best light for the shot. This shot would have been better in late afternoon. The light was quite harsh close to midday. As the afternoon goes by the light tends to get warmer and softer.

I’ll end with a few photos from my media library. If you have some thoughts on photography, please share them in the comments box. You can also subscribe to this blog or follow me on Twitter for updates.

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