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Planning for autumn and winter #thrifty

It’s the first day of October and in many government departments this is the day the heating is switched on. I switched mine on a few days ago but have the thermostat set lower than usual and I’m wearing a warm jumper more!

Giff Gaff

This is the time of year when all my bills tend to come in at once. I could spread some over the year, but that costs money. Paying my line rental on the phone annually saves me 10% off my bill and I save more by having online billing. My mobile is with Giff Gaff and that costs about £50 a year, which is better than some that cost £50 a month! You can join Giff Gaff or get more information by clicking the link in the sidebar.

Car Insurance

I also pay my car insurance, breakdown and home insurance annually and that saves money too. This month it will be car tax, mine is expensive because I drive a car they think pollutes more. The truth is it’s 18 years old and the pollution caused by making a new one would be more than the pollution I cause by driving. I don’t do too many miles so would like the tax added to petrol, but politicians try to keep the majority of people down with unfair taxes and crap education for the masses.


We have to save a bit on shopping so we have to shop around.

The Aldi super-six this week are Royal Gala apples, baby corn (135g), figs (4), plums (400g), Charlotte potatoes (1Kg) and mixed peppers (3). That offer ends on Wednesday the 8th of October.

The spooky special buys today are mostly for Halloween. Try making your own Halloween decorations by carving a pumpkin or making things out of recycled cardboard and containers. I bought some LED lamps in Aldi a few weeks ago, the first one was 2.99 and I got the second one, half price. I could do something with those and they would light up a carved pumpkin too.

The Sunday special buys are really varied this week but include gilets for men and women. They might be useful. I actually want one with really big pockets that will hold a camera lens when I’m changing lenses. I often wear a gilet when it’s not too cold, I wore mine yesterday when I was in Aldi; it’s cold near those freezers!


You can never have too many winter jumpers and Matalan have a good selection. Many are on offer and 2 for £20 now. Many of them now are wool or lambswool, so consider whether they might have special instructions for washing. I won’t have those, all my laundry gets thrown in together!


If you’re going to Tesco, why not check out their special offers online first?

When you’re looking for bargains, before you buy ask why you’re buying. Is it to keep up with the Joneses or enhance your status? That isn’t always a good reason. There is nothing wrong with buying expensive clothes for a job interview or for a special night out but you don’t really need designer clothes for weeding the garden. Do you?

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