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Planning for the future? #financefriday

The lockdown is making life difficult for everyone and causing more financial hardship. It’s frustrating and makes planning for the future difficult but when we have some time to sit back and plan that might be the best option. GDP for the UK in 2020 turned out to be slightly better than expected at 9.9% down on 2019. The leisure industry will need to raise investment to survive and we will undoubtedly see price rises. Leisure isn’t essential though so if the price of essentials doesn’t increase we don’t have to worry too much. A few pence on beer and a few pounds on holidays isn’t going to impact us too much.

planning for the future


This week problems caused by Brexit were in the news but that is a problem that will probably run on for years to come. We’re not in that free-trade club anymore so we will have to negotiate continually for any of the benefits. I don’t much like centralisation and the EU went back on promises for subsidiarity but we could have negotiated and got the subsidiarity in the Maastricht implemented and taken control of more of our own affairs. It’s too late now, we have to live with Brexit and all its implications on trade.


The stimulus in the US is pushing up US stocks but in the UK things have been more subdued this week. My holdings via the eToro app went into profit although they are dollar-denominated and so the appreciating pound didn’t help. I am doing better than the majority of investors on that platform so I’m happy for now. I’m waiting to see what happens when companies pay dividends.

Planning for the future

Planning for the future is difficult now. I’m not even sure what I’m doing this weekend! I think the economy will recover slowly but there will be changes. Caravan sales have gone up and so are people thinking it will be safer to have more holidays in the UK in the future? Certainly, people will feel more insecure about everything but travel in particular, so that will have an economic effect. Those exotic holidays walking the Great Wall of China might be put on hold for a while.


I’m doing all my shopping online and I don’t expect to return to any ‘normal’ shopping until 2022 at the very earliest. Things will return to normal eventually and shares in companies that have been hit hard by the pandemic might be worth buying. I’ll wait for a while before I consider brewery shares and travel will probably be the last sector to recover.


I will be looking more at the US stock markets and the access to them via eToro. The current stimulus plans will be positive for the market and I’m looking at banking, property, oil and payment companies like Visa and Mastercard. Tech companies will do well too but which ones? I’ll stay away from the really popular ones like Tesla, Amazon and Microsoft. The Halifax has introduced an annual fee on share dealing. As I am an infrequent trader it will hit me harder so I will eventually close my account and maybe move more investments to eToro. I’ll wait and see how things play out.

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