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Poetry and photography #ramble

It’s Sunday morning once again and so I’ll share my thoughts with you as usual. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon photographing the Black Country poets in Tipton where they performed on the side of the ‘cut’. That event was part of the Blast festival of photography, walks and talks. After the poetry and photography, I went on to Brook Street Community centre to photograph a carnival queen.

Poetry and photography


I took more photos of the Fountain Inn and I’m getting closer to the picture I want. Being Saturday there was more traffic coming past but I found a motorcycle in the shot actually improved it and made it more interesting. I used bracketing and took 5 shots at a time with the exposure varied at 1/3 of a stop between shots. That worked quite well and I was able to choose the best shot to keep. I still think I can get a better shot, though.

Art cards

I hope to do some art cards for Tipton and the Fountain and Pie factory are still my favoured shots. I think it’s important to get the best pictures that I can so I’ll try to go back when I think the light is good and take more pictures.


I still have a problem with my leg and I had an arthritis flare up in my hip this week. My hip is better now and I have an appointment to see the surgeon on Thursday for my MRI results. That will be a long walk to see him but I did walk a kilometre yesterday stopping a lot to rest so I think I can make the trek through the hospital.

Telephone box

I have this plan to adopt a BT telephone box for the community. It won’t be easy because it will need some work and we won’t have access to an electricity supply so won’t be able to use power tools. I’m going to look at it today and I’ll take photographs and measurements.

Poetry and photography

That’s all for today. I think my photography and poetry outing was a great success. I have to sort through the photos now and choose the best ones.  As always if you would like to subscribe just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar.

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