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Poetry, photography and art #ramble #Wednesburyonline

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. I went to the Darlaston Writer’s group yesterday so I have poetry on my mind. I’m not very good at writing it and certainly not any good at reading it out loud but I keep trying. As usual, I also have photography in mind and I promised to take a photo of a section of a Tipton canal that we saw in a very old photograph. I hope I can identify the stretch now.

poetry in motion


I like simple amusing limericks. I started writing one this morning about photography. It began “I shot the mayor in the town hall, an all the councillors and I can shoot you anall.” It was in Black Country dialect, hence the anall at the end of that line. I’m not about to win the Nobel prize for literature with my poetry.

Photography and art

I prefer photography to poetry and I shall wander around Tipton along the Birmingham canal to take those photos this afternoon. You can tell a story with words but you can also tell a story instantly with a picture. I try to combine the two and I hope this year to produce some pictures with words as an overlay that will tell stories about people and places. The challenge isn’t taking the pictures, it’s getting them printed in a form that is attractive and durable. I have art on my mind because I will be involved in next year’s art festival.

Vision 2030

The council has a vision for the next 12 years to 2030 and they had a consultative day in the library this week. I went to that and took some photos. I was set up for landscape photography and didn’t have my big flash so my photos weren’t great. It was quite difficult to take close-ups which would have looked much better. Problems in the library aren’t just caused by low light but a mix of fluorescent and natural light in the daytime. The event didn’t seem to impress the public but at least the council can say they consulted the public. I’m going to put a poll on Facebook and see what people really think!

Going through a phase

We go through different phases in our lives. Last year wasn’t good for me. I faced a lot of criticism that I don’t think I deserved and I struggled a bit because of a vitamin D deficiency that I should have been told about. Now I know, I’m taking calcium with D3 and I’m remembering to take them this year! The calcium does get in my urine which can be a problem but I think the pills are working. The sub-zero temperatures triggered other health problems but again I’m improving those so I seem to be entering a positive phase.


I get my horoscope in an email with my weather forecast. The weather forecast says rain this afternoon which might make photography difficult but it will probably be showers. My horoscope says people will be making obvious suggestions and I should go with my own ideas which are bolder. I don’t intend to throw caution to the wind but I think I have better ideas than some that have been suggested to me. Actually, some ideas that have been suggested to me seemed like throwing caution to the wind and were a little too ambitious. There is a time for caution and a time to be bold. I’m being cautious in some areas of life and less cautious with the creative side.

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