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Political delusions of grandeur #politics

Yes, leave the European Union and we can get our empire back and everything will be hunky-dory. Britons shalt not be slaves to Johnny Foreigner and we will not accept their benefit scrounging scum in our green and pleasant land. The reality, however, is that we need the immigrants because we didn’t train enough doctors and nurses for our needs. Cameron dresses up in Victorian garb for the Lord Mayor’s Ball and slips into the delusional belief that we still have the empire and can still rule the waves. The reality, dear boy, is that we are a tiny island that has to do deals with other nations to survive. We are now in the process of breaking the biggest deal we have ever signed to appease the nationalist bull-shitters of the European Research Group. These are political delusions of grandeur on a grand and destructive scale.

political delusions

Political delusions of grandeur

There are agitators with political delusions of grandeur closer to home too. One local blogger is ruffling political feathers and the latest rumour is that his harassment is making local councillors suicidal. The harassment is causing distress but rumours of suicidal tendencies might well cause more distress. That particular blogger’s opinions are driven by hate borne out of resentment. I don’t know the whole sorry story of the Public arts centre in West Bromwich but that idea died years ago. It was a white (or pink) elephant and a colossal waste of money. Time to forget it and move on.  There are other agitators who are using the local protest against the concrete sleeper factory to defame local councillors too. The fact is, two councillors publicly supported the protest and Tom Watson as MP for the area did too. That is a fact, not a delusion from some armchair warrior who name-calls and accuses but has no actual facts to support their protestations. To add to the local political problems some local councillors have been deselected and won’t be on the ballot this year. Why? That is the question that needs to be answered as soon as possible. I suspect the scapegoats are probably a little bit middle of the road and are being shifted out the way to make room for members of Corbyn’s Momentum.


Yes, there is intrigue both at a national level and here in Sandwell at the local level. I’m involved with the local arts festival which I think will be a success. It isn’t a delusional fantasy that will cost seventy million like the Public. It isn’t like that new swimming pool at Smethwick which I suspect is being built so it can be added to the Sandwell Leisure Trust property portfolio. I think grandiose ideas might bring the people who conceive them the delusion that they are somehow important. The truth is, the bigger it is, the more things that can and probably will go wrong. I suppose there is a case for claiming the European Union is too big and I would agree with the need for subsidiarity. The same applies to the centralisation of Sandwell Council. They too need to get back to localising those things that need to be close to the people. The decisions regarding the sleeper factory, for example, should be taken predominantly by Wednesbury councillors and not some Oldbury councillor who has never set foot in Friar Park. The political delusions tend to proliferate when they are sitting in a committee room many miles from the actual people they represent.

That’s all for today. Please note I haven’t launched an attack on anyone with my words. I hope I have restricted my opinions to constructive criticism. If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page.

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