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Post-Pandemic, what will the new normal be like?

We are coming out of the pandemic slowly but it will be a threat for some time to come.The spread of the infection could continue for many years in less developed nations. Political aims are based on ideology. Get Brexit done, is a slogan still ringing in the ears of the hard-right. The Corbyn worshippers haven’t gone away either. Over in America, things are even worse where they have a sociopath for a president. Is it time to re-evaluate everything. People are quick to criticise Greta Thunberg but her message resonated with young people around the world and she has used her influence for good during the pandemic and she, as always, supported the science.



I tend to be very aware of nature as a photographer and I consider myself an artist too, I create pictures. Should we stop and consider what we are doing to the natural world and perhaps listen more to Greta Thunberg before it’s too late. We can plant trees and use our influence to stop the decimation of the rain forests. We can be more tolerant and kind and instead of moaning about asylum seekers do something to help those countries torn apart by war to rebuild. We can also change our way of life.

Mental health

Mental health has been highlighted during this pandemic. People weren’t strong enough mentally to withstand a lockdown. We need to consider why people are so insecure and try to transition to a more caring and cohesive society. This must start at a local level in our communities and we should identify the problems that cause social isolation, anxiety and insecurity.


Much of the insecurity comes from financial insecurity. That desire to enhance our social standing with impressive cars, designer clothing, and a glittering social life. It doesn’t really make people feel more secure. For many people, the knowledge that they have a nice pot of cash in the bank would take away many day to day worries. So we need to transition to an economy where people are paid real interest on their savings and are encouraged to invest rather than spend their money. It might mean fewer overseas holidays and not buying new clothing every season. It might mean focusing our minds on the world around us and the people around us and trying to make it better.


Post-pandemic, as we adjust to a new normal, we will see people in other countries still struggling to control the spread of the virus. Do we just put America first or Britain first or do we help out? Overseas aid is always condemned by the mean-minded right wing of politics. Donal Trump with his America first narrative has isolated his country and let infections spread because he is too stupid to realise that such emergencies also threaten the United States. We have seen that his insular view of the world made him totally unaware of the seriousness of the pandemic and its consequences. He fails to understand the premise that if you help your neighbour put a fire out, you’re stopping it spreading to your own house.


We now have an opportunity to examine the way we live and make changes. It might mean a smaller airline industry and fewer overseas trips. It might mean reducing energy consumption. It might mean higher prices for diesel and petrol. It might mean spending less and saving more. It will almost certainly mean more online shopping and less going to the shops. Should we resist these changes or try to accept them or even embrace them?

A better place

We need to make the world a better place and we should start at the bottom in our communities where we need to tackle problems like litter and decay and make our everyday environment more pleasant. We need to be kinder and solve the problems of loneliness. We need more art and groups where people can get involved. We need more groups for young people to aid their development into caring and responsible adults. Now is the time for a change, a change for the better.

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